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About The WLCU

The WLCU is a civil institution, independent and non-governmental, non-political, non-sectarian, non-religious and non-profit making. The WLCU was established to ensure the preservation and propagation of pride in the Lebanese culture and its manifestation throughout the Diaspora and is autonomous and independent of any governmental institution either within the Republic of Lebanon or elsewhere in the world.

The WLCU was formed to ensure the preservation and the enhancement of the collective contributions made by the people of Lebanon. The WLCU aims to attain each of the following objectives:

  • to enhance, promote and foster the spirit of cultural pride, integration and allegiance of the Lebanese people throughout the Diaspora to their host nation;
  • to share in and promote for the benefit of their adopted nations within the Diaspora in all fields (particularly in education, culture and societal values of the Lebanese folklore and history promoted by the WLCU as a cultural and philanthropic institution on a strictly non-profit basis); and
  • to declare that the WLCU’s Mission Statement is consistent with the principles of the Charter of the UN.

The WLCU shall endeavour to encourage the Lebanese Diaspora to organise and to be effective as a bulwark for Lebanon in its determination to remain sovereign, independent and democratic. The WLCU further endeavours to both preserve and spread Lebanese culture among the Lebanese emigrants, their descendants and the people of such host nations.


Our objective is to promotion and support of international and regional programs, congresses, conferences, festivals, study tours, exhibitions, and other related activities; as it relates to Lebanese culture in the diaspora.

The aim of the WLCU is to enrich, promotion and exchange of artistic pursuits by supporting individuals, events and cultural activities generally for all members and their guests throughout the Diaspora. WLCU is also aimed at fostering cooperation with likeminded international organisations with a related interest, in particular, those affiliated with the United Nationals.

Our Team

Cheikh Joe Arida

GRC President

Dedicated advocate for preserving and promoting Lebanese heritage and fostering cultural unity among the Lebanese diaspora worldwide.

Milad El Halabi

GRC Vice President

Brings extensive industry experience, exceptional leadership skills, and a passion for community engagement, contributing significantly to the organization’s success and growth.

Antoine Karam

GRC Secretary General & Senior Policy Advisor Australia & New Zealand

Multifaceted role combines administrative responsibilities with providing expert policy guidance, contributing significantly to the organization’s impact in the region.

Pierre El Sokhn

GRC Treasurer and Diplomatic Relations

Strategic business partner delivering fiscally plans to resolve financial and accounting challenges, propel corporate growth and strengthen compliance.

Abraham Khoury
Abraham Khoury

GRC Public relations coordinator

As the GRC Public Relations Coordinator, I excel in forging meaningful relationships and orchestrating seamless communication between our organization and the public.

Carine Cahwagi Khoury
Carine Cahwagi Khoury

GRC Diplomatic Affairs Department

Elevating global cooperation and fostering relationships with nations worldwide as a dedicated member of the Diplomatic Affairs Department at WLCU.

Jocelyne Charbel Badwi

GRC Social Media Director

Excels at creating compelling content, engaging with the audience, and implementing effective strategies to maximize the organization’s online presence and impact.

Wadih Tabet

GRC Marketing Director

Empowering communities through impactful marketing initiatives, I’m honored to serve as the Marketing Director at WLCU.

Danny Eid
Danny Eid

GRC social media coordinator

In my role as Social Media Coordinator at WLCU, every post serves as a catalyst for change, spreading awareness and driving meaningful impact in our communities. Together, through digital storytelling, we’re amplifying voices, empowering change, and shaping a brighter future.

Laudy F. Ayoub

GRC Board Member

Brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a strong commitment to advancing the mission of the organization.

Chapter Presidents

Ramy Eid

President WLCU Melbourne

As the President of WLCU in Melbourne, I’m honored to spearhead initiatives that inspire progress and empower our community. Together, we are building a future that’s vibrant, equitable, and full of promise.

Elie Baraket
Elie Baraket

President WLCU Adelaide

Together, we’re shaping the future, propelling progress, and paving the way for a brighter tomorrow—because our actions today define the world of tomorrow.

Dr. Shane Geha
Dr. Shane Geha

President WLCU Sydney

As the President of WLCU Sydney, I lead with a vision of empowering our community and driving change. Together, we forge ahead, shaping a future that is brighter, more inclusive, and filled with boundless possibilities.

George Salloum
George Salloum

President WLCU Canberra

As President of WLCU in Canberra, I’m committed to championing our cause and driving impactful change. Together, we pave the path towards a more inclusive, compassionate, and promising future.

Worlwide Board of Directors

Roger Hani
Mr. Roger Hani

World President

I’m proud to serve as the Worl President of the World Lebanese Cultural Union. Together, we’re building bridges, celebrating our heritage, and making a difference in the lives of our community members worldwide. I’m committed to ensuring that our organization continues to be a beacon of culture, unity, and progress for generations to come.

Mr Georges Abi Raad
Georges Abi Raad

WLCU World Secreatary General

As the Secretary General, I am dedicated to advancing the vision of the World Lebanese Cultural Union across borders. Through collaboration and clear communication, I strive to ensure that our organization remains an unwavering advocate for our community’s interests and aspirations worldwide.

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