World Lebanese Cultural Union Geographic Regional Council Inc. Australia & New Zealand.


  • The Chapter shall have as a Governing Body; a Board with a minimum of five (5) members, comprising a President, two (2) Vice Presidents, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.
  • Each member duly admitted to membership of the Chapter as a Member at Large of the WLCU shall be entitled to vote for the election of the Administrative Board of the National or State Council for the Geographic Region in which the Chapter is located.
  • An application for establishing a Chapter shall be submitted to the World Secretary General, after endorsement by the State Council of the applicable Geographical Region.

  • The State Council shall forward the application submitted to it by the prospective Chapter to the World Secretary-General, no later than two months from the date of its receipt. Failing which, the proposed Chapter may submit its application directly to the World Secretary General. Unless and until the period of two months has elapsed, no prospective Chapter shall have the right to file its application directly with the World Secretary General.
  • The President of a Chapter shall notify the World Secretary General (by notifying the National or State Council in which the Chapter is operating) of the governing documents of the Chapter. Each Chapter shall be responsible for providing the names, addresses and sample signatures of the Governing Board Members of the Chapter (such as a Board of Directors or similar governing body) shall also be provided.

Each Chapter shall be registered with the local statutory authority in its host country which will be responsible for the recognition and registration of all associations that seek to be registered in the jurisdiction in which the Chapter is located.

The Geographic Regional Council shall appoint a Secretary-General who:

  • Shall be preferably in the same city as the President;
    • Whose term shall be concurrent with that of the President.
    • Who shall have no right to vote in Geographic Regional Council decisions.

The Geographic Regional Council:

  1. Shall retain office for a period of two years with the right to be nominated for office for further two years such right to be exercised once only.; (amendment –1999: term of President & Office bearers are two years with option two years)
    1. The Geographic Regional Council has the right to call for election three months before or three months after the deadline for the elections.
    1. The Geographic Regional Councils nominate candidates to the World council and also appoints members to the World council, after the approval of their state council (if there is no state council, there should be approval by branch).
    1. If a State Council President or delegate ceases to hold his/her position on their respective State Council, he/she shall automatically forfeit his/her position on the Geographic-Regional Council and shall be replaced by the newly elected President or delegate, with the exception of the members of the Executive Committee who are elected for two years

Past Presidents of the former Regional Council and the current Geographic Regional Presidents:

  • Shall be life members of the Geographic Regional Council or any name it might assume in the future;
    • Can vote, nominate and be re-elected to the Executive Committee;
    • Cannot delegate their vote except by appointment of a proxy;
    • Are to be the committee of consultants whose mission is to implement and advise on the administration of the WLCU’s constitution and must aim to unify the WLCU.

All Members at Large of the Union living in the above-mentioned Geographic Region shall commit themselves to honor the Union’s objectives and shall be subject to the provisions of this constitution immediately after their affiliation to the Union. Additionally, the conditions of affiliation of all the branches, clubs, associations, leagues, institutions and federations are immediately applicable upon their application for membership.

  Membership applications must be completed and forwarded to the relevant State Council together with membership fees. Upon approval by the State Council, all Applications must subsequently be forward within sixty (60) days to the GRC Secretary-General, for formal registration with the GRC.

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