World Lebanese Cultural Union Geographic Regional Council Inc. Australia & New Zealand.


a.  To enhance and promote the spirit of allegiance and patriotism among members of the Union and through the countries in which they live, and to share actively for the benefits of those countries in the fields of education, culture and society.

b. To consolidate the ties of friendship and concord among its members and hence promote the links of friendship and mutual understanding among the countries in which members of the Union live

c.  To create and promote the ties of friendliness and mutual understanding and enhance such ties among all those countries and Lebanon, and encourage the cultural, social, touristic and economic activities which are of mutual interest between Lebanon and the countries of residence, on one side, and among Lebanese citizens and the Lebanese descendants, on the other side.

d. To promulgate Lebanese heritage in the countries of residence of WLCU members and to promulgate in those countries such values amongst themselves and also in Lebanon

e.  To acquaint people with Lebanon’s civilisation and of the integral role it has played throughout history in the service of humanity. Also, to safeguard Lebanese existence in order to enable Lebanon to pursue its efforts in the service of world peace.

f.  To foster goodwill, peace and understanding by encouraging members of the WLCU to serve their communities irrespective of personal or material gain, and to also promote the standards of community values.

g. Establishing and administering National Lebanese Information Centre’s (either through an on-line platform or A permanent office) to provide both the Lebanese and wider communities in both Australia and New Zealand with the appropriate facilities to foster and enhance the aims and objectives of the WLCU.

The WLCU GRC aims also to achieve its objectives with respect to:

a.  Preserving and protecting the integrity, independence, and sovereignty of Lebanon as a homeland for all Lebanese; both in Lebanon and the diaspora.

b. Granting of services to Lebanese emigrants and their descendants.

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