World Lebanese Cultural Union Geographic Regional Council Inc. Australia & New Zealand.


a- “Geographic Regional Committee” (or “GRT”) means the committee that is composed of each of the presidents of the State Council; the previous Geographic Regional Council Presidents; and the Previous Secretaries Regional.

b- “Geographic Regional Council” (or “GRC”) means an administrative board elected by the Geographic Regional Committee.

c- “Chapter” means a legal entity, duly registered with the local statutory authority within its jurisdiction,  that carries the name of the WLCU by virtue of its proper registration with the WLCU  by maintaining good standing with the WLCU, including having the minimum number of members, meeting all applicable criteria outlined in this Constitution and the Internal Regulations and abiding by its own governing documents, which shall in no event run afoul of anything in this Constitution or the Internal Regulations.

d- Affiliate” or “Affiliated Organisation” means a Legal Entity that is associated with the WLCU, but does not hold WLCU membership, is not registered with the WLCU, and may not use the name or likeness of the WLCU without the express written consent of the WLCU.

e- “Legal Entity” means any duly registered or incorporated corporation, partnership, joint venture, limited liability company, organization, trust, association, or other entity in good standing within its respective jurisdiction.

f-  “Members at Large” means each member of the WLCU that holds a valid Membership Card and is otherwise in good standing with the WLCU.

g- “State Council” means the administrative Board that is composed of members in good standing, as elected by the Members at Large within the States.

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